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8 Jan 2014

This application is not approved by the Central likelihood, you let yourself think about the way the government MPLA good! Then he paused, see cheap nike air max is always silent, he frowned, suspect voice said. Wendong, you are now in the country, why still so concerned about things Angola, you will not be what they had given commitments in exchange for some benefit, right? He asked, not unfounded, and now, a lot of central people believe that cheap nike air max to get diamond mine, is central to Angola to take money in return for cheap nike air max shrugged and said. I just sent a message to help it, as do not agree with the continued assistance, it is the central thing, I have no control, Yuan minister, goodbye! Then he hung up dead straight and he is to this effect, the central stop for Angola aid, that being his mind. After a few days, not always anxiously waiting to see Fernando financial nike air max 90 needs two billion dollars in aid, he wants you to apply to the Chinese government. Let me apply?

Why did he want to go? Cheap nike air max sneered. Perhaps he was embarrassed to open it! Li Xiaoyun said half-jokingly. Well! help me to tell Fernando, cheap nike air max rolled his eyes, said. I will help him to apply. Do not see it, you really will actively help him so I bet the central Pixia now is definitely not the money. Cheap nike air max smiles said. Really! As he expected it, when he gave Yuan Hua call center to continue to allow an additional $ 200 million in assistance to Angola, the latter angrily. MPLA is simply a bottomless pit! Until a couple of months time, has been eating into several hundred million dollars, and now even want another $ 200 million, he became what our country is? International welfare organizations do? Cheap nike air max silent, silently listening Yuan Hua grumbling. Yuan Hua said again.

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