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28 Dec 2013

Almost certainly, she is hidden in there. Hundred thousand years the soul of the beast can not be met, but only a hundred thousand years or in the soul of the beast in the form of larvae, their strength is not strong. This time, the situation will not allow missed again. So, I decided to send in a daisy Douro, Douro led ghost, and was carrying more than twenty seventy cardinals and Hu Lena, evil moon and the stars to Yan joint forest search, be sure to find his whereabouts, it is alive and return, by the seat pleasure. Pope ends up sitting in the same month off with ghosts stood, bowed kicked. Hu Lena Pope stood behind the face smoldering with excitement, she certainly knows that teachers should timberland boots for men who did not look reveals dissatisfaction half points.

Pope Bibi Road East satisfactory. Lena is my successor, but she was able to get the results of today’s glory is her own efforts. I believe we have heard, here I can certainly tell you, she really are out from the killing, and the killing fields to get to God. Irrepressible praise rang, rumors are one thing, confirmed by the Pope personally is another matter. Bibi East to the disciples for their own evil fee can be described as bitter campaign of her own age, though not too great, the pope can sit in this position for a long time. But she still want to further establish their authority in Wuhun. The second thing. Based on our many years check it, five years ago, it would only ever appear in the senior division of the soul elite competition in college years continent-wide soul has basically find out the whereabouts of the beast. Not long ago, we had a search team found traces of her star big forest.


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