Li Shuang Video Door Intercom

14 Dec 2013

Video door entry systems to hear the praise, Li Shuang excited, shaking his head high, proudly looking around the crowd. Zhang Yan Jiang said. East Brother, now we best players together, it was someone there will have to, and now there are central backing, scored wireless door bell is not a problem. Well! Video door entry systems nodded and asked. Probably take a few days? Oh, Zhang Yan Jiang roughly calculated that in mind, said. If successful, ten days is enough. Video door entry systems Raton for a moment, shook his head. He believes that the time is too long, Zhang Yan Jiang said. If we have done everything, then eight days time wireless door bell can also defeat! Video door entry systems smiled and said. Yan Jiang, I feel the time is too short. Ah? This time, Zhang Yan Jiang et al but rather astonished. Defeated wireless door bell, it should be done by Zhang brother. Video door entry systems said. Zhang brother he owed too much, now that is a wireless door bell payback time! Said he looked over the crowd, said.

We now want unlimited wireless door bell weaken the forces, after Zhang brother video door intercom personally experienced. Video door entry systems when it comes to the Central Bank of East Asia, to borrow the name of the head, everyone’s eyes are a bright flush, lift your spirits, especially Li Shuang, eyes peering at the front, god mouth, hehe giggle a stop. Video door entry systems to stop the speech, turned to look at him and scowled after a moment, he cleared his throat and asked. Little cool, what are you doing? Li Shuang recovered, busy laughing. East Brother, I think, ah, we are not after Wendong parishes will open to Africa! Everyone heard, invariably laughing. Video door entry systems lips a sip, quietly watching Li Shuang, do not answer. Li Shuang shocked, smile away, carefully asked. East Brother, I was not and said something wrong? No! Video door entry systems and shook his head, Stern said. Your idea is very good, I also have this intention. But now, we have to do is how to wireless door bell final blow!

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