Battle of of six young generation

8 Oct 2012

“Bang” “Boom” The constantly loud sound resounded through the sky, six people dispersed in all directions, was standing Kuni azimuth, each is the distance between a few hundred meters In both the front of the middle quickly rushed shot attack other five are constantly resist the other five Attack. timberland boots Beneath the plains has long been torn devastated countless potholes appear above the plains, numerous large chasm Webby generally facing all directions away.

Battle of of six young generation of extremely strong, no doubt it is to attract the eye, at this time, even the woods have been constantly Fighting other people, is to stop the attack, rushed to the front edge of the woods at the same time, one is keeping a close eye on the sky Six figure. cheap supra Is facing several people rushed. Quite gentle segment autumn soft, became apparent, a smile, of the the Yuan force Pilian raising his hand hit a road gentle elegant,

Red to go with a few people. Its outgoing yuan, although gentle, but the presence of a few people, are afraid to be ignored, previously that Chu Sang-ok has implicit paragraph Of Bingxin tactic of the home, focusing on the softness, skillfully deflected the question, Mind is the pursuit of the highest level on the charity, if ignored , Then the results will certainly extremely tragic. “Hello Hello weave.”timberland boots for men Haughty woman the face proudly of color,

Di loudly, raising his hand to hit a road Chill Yuan-li Pilian, is also facing another five rushed. Six people, each person is the younger generation of extremely strong, there is the realm of God who repair, and even there the interim

Even late realm of people, but in Cangzhuo nothing. Can imagine, six young generation extremely strong, and every man is enemy to five people, the kind of battle scenes What shock. north face jackets sale Each person in the fast pediment, constantly played one channel each unique atmosphere of force Pilian, at the same time against the other five People play the Pilian, said one person at the same time the war five people, who should not withstand undoubtedly is defeated.




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